My Hats

I have never been one of those girls who can wear hats. They just don’t suit me at all (except a bonnet, but who wears a bonnet anymore unless they’re re-enacting or at a costume party?). So I find it a little cheeky to call my blog “All My Hats” but of course I’m not talking about actual hats.

It is odd that now that my primary place of work is our home I feel like I am wearing more hats than ever before. There is my mommy hat, which I seem to wear most often. There’s also my wife’s hat, friend’s hat, mentor and mentee hats, LWML (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League) hat, and my Youth Group hat; I have a writer’s hat now (yes, I’m working on a novel entitled “To Have and To Hold”), as well as the no-hat that is just me.

This last one seems sometimes to get lost sometimes. I forget to take off my hat and just be me: the person that God created. One might call this blog an attempt to be that person more often. My hope is to explore that person in this blog, to have a place to reflect on things that I learn and possibly to share some insight or other with anyone who happens to read this.


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