Happy Thanksgiving!

We have been traveling this year for Thanksgiving. The first leg of our journey took us from the hilly, wooded land of central Alabama, to the level terrain of central Ohio. The next leg of our journey took us to St. Louis, Missouri. Farm country, small towns, hilly wooded areas, and populated cities are only a fraction of the beauty of God’s creation and the people He loves. It is amazing to see God’s creative handiwork in the varying landscapes.

With such an excellent creation for us to enjoy and care for, and with so many interesting and individual people to meet, it is easy for us to stop at that. Certainly, we should enjoy God’s creation and care for it and the creatures He has made, but do we look no further than that? No higher than the mountains? No further than East and West? No deeper than a person’s appearance?

We have an awe-inspiring Creation because it was made by an awe-inspiring Creator. But let’s not forget that your Creator alsodied for His creation. When we had become so lost in our sin that we could see no further than our own desires, our own selves, God did the unthinkable: He sent His Son, true God and true Man to redeem His lost and fallen Creation. Now we may see that creation through the grace of Christ and it takes on new meaning and beauty.

Lord Jesus, thank You for revealing Your might and splendor in Your Creation. Let us not become singularly focused on the Creation, that we may see the grace and mercy poured out for us on Your cross. Amen.