Christmas Cards

I have been working on getting our Christmas cards together for the last week or so. Yesterday and today, I am signing them. In the past, I always watched a favorite movie or television show with my husband while preforming this rather mindless task.

1. Write names of recipients.
2. Write greeting: “Merry Christmas! May Christ be born anew in you this Christmas!”
3. Sign our names.
4. Next card. Repeat #1-3.
This year, I am working on them while my husband is at work. I let my daughter watch a kid’s show so I wouldn’t be distracted from the cards. And I started thinking about what the greeting means, for the individual receiving the cards.
(A note about the greeting: Several years ago, a pastor of mine gave a sermon in which he told of a monastic order who greeted one another with “May Christ be born anew in you” at Christmastime rather than with “Merry Christmas.” It spoke more to the purpose of that first Christmas than the typical greeting.)
So as I signed cards, I started to pray for the people receiving each card. I know I’m not the first person to think of doing this. But for whatever reason, it had never occurred to me before this year. I don’t know exactly what each person might need while I pray; some people I talk to often and others may not have heard from since last Christmas. But God knows what is on each person’s heart. So whether it be a strengthening of faith, a renewal or beginning of belief, a need for comfort — all these things, God knows.
My prayer for my readers – both those I know of and those I don’t – is that Christ may be born anew in you! May God bless you with joy and peace in this season. Christ is born!