Resting in Grace

Work. So much of life is about work. We work at desks, in gardens, in the kitchen, in the laundry room, at stores, in offices, everywhere. We have to catch up, get it done, excel or at least keep with the pace. When we can’t do it all, as we inevitably can’t at some point or another, we fail.

When we maintain this mode of operation in regards to our Faith, that which was given us in order to comfort, strengthen, enliven, and save becomes a burden. I don’t read my Bible enough. My prayers are half-hearted at best. My witness is lacking. My love for God and my fellow man is tainted. What a wretched (wo)man I am!
But who is the active person in each of those sentences? I am. Who is it that saves? Me? No! I know myself well enough to know that no good thing can come from me apart from God. There is the answer: God. He is the one who sustains us: God the Father. He is the One who saved us: God the Son, Jesus Christ. He is the One who carries us to Christ: God the Holy Spirit. When I was dead in my sins, God picked me up, placed me on the rock of Christ Jesus and it is He who is the beginner and finisher of my faith.
Lord, when I can go no further, I rest on You. On Your grace to save, Your Spirit to move, Your love to fill me. May I rest in Your grace. Through Christ Jesus, Your Son, my Lord. Amen.