Epic Fail

Failure is not something that we like to consider. At least, I don’t. Fear of failure is something that keeps me from trying a lot of things, whether it be talking to someone new in hopes of making a new friend or entering in some type of competition. Beyond my own fear of failure, I’m sure that most people have to deal with their own fear of the same thing at some level or another.

The thinking is, when we fail, that’s it. We’re done. But is that really it? Sure, we may not be able to continue on the same path, but in most cases, life is not over. We can go on  and try for something else, learn from what happened, or even regroup and give it another go. But sometimes a failure is nothing more than a street sign on the road of life, directing us in another way.

Consider the Ultimate Failure, according to the world. Jesus was some upstart, trying to start a revolutionary movement, maybe to overthrow the Romans or maybe to reform the Jewish leadership of his day. But He failed. He died. The end. Right?

From a skewed spiritual perspective (that of the devil), He was God, attempting to redeem, to win back, the lost souls that Satan had stolen, the souls that had turned from Him and His love. He died trying. The end. Right?

Of course not. As Scripture had foretold and also records the event, He rose back to life, triumphant over sin, death, and the power of the devil. His righteousness is now ours, who by faith trust in Him. His love covers us, pours out from us to others. His seeming failure was in fact the greatest victory of all time.

And so when we fail, we can now cling to the knowledge that God worked through something as terrible as the death of an innocent Man on a cross to bring about redemption. And He continues to work through all sorts of unhappy circumstances, even failures, to bring people to the knowledge of His love and salvation. Praise God for His love for us in Christ Jesus, our victorious Lord and Savior!