Hello Readers!!

I’ve been contemplating a change to my blog for a while. I know this has primarily been a place of devotional-type writing, but I wanted to expand. And I know that a lot of really successful bloggers keep most of their focus on one topic. But I’m not necessarily going for success. Sure, I’d love to have more readers, and more interaction with them (great way to get ideas and whatnot for posts, life, etc), but I’d really like this to be a blog of my life and what I’m doing in it. I have varied interests, as I’m sure many of you do, too. So my blog is going to reflect this more.

However, in the midst of the interests, there are central things running through — specifically, my feeble attempt at following God and His grace that pulls me along when I struggle. So my (new) theme of this blog is His grace surrounding us as we go about life. How exactly this will play out in blog format remains to be seen.

On a side note, a friend and I are putting together some writings to start a devotional blog. I’ll post about it when we’re ready. Thanks for sticking with me, readers, with my sporadic posting and changing themes. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Yay! As a person who blogs pretty frequently, I enjoy having no limitations on what I can blog about, and the bloggers I like reading best are those that cover a variety of topics.Let me know if you need any help with blog design. Check out “Cutest Blog on the Block” they have SUPER cute and easy templates you just post right into blogger for free, and they are seasonal.


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