Book Review: My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade

My Stubborn HeartI received My Stubborn Heart from Bethany House Publishers to read and review. I liked this book. Didn’t love it, although I really wanted to. The plot premise was great: Energetic, vibrant woman restores an old house with her grandmother while a moody, troubled man is restored by God’s healing grace. By the end, the faith element was well-written and actually felt quite naturally part of the plot; near the beginning and even some of the middle of the book, it almost seemed like an afterthought (to me).

Brand-name dropping throughout was distracting to me personally, as I didn’t know half of the brand names mentioned and it derailed the flow of the storyline. Again, though, that’s how it was for me; I’m sure some people would love that. I also found the frequent use of “hot” in describing the male protagonist rather redundant after a while. I felt the same about the frequent kissing. It was a little saddening to me that the female protagonist allowed the relationship to progress that far when she didn’t seem to believe there was a future for them, and when the two were so far apart spiritually. I think it’s an epidemic in our culture today to get swept away in the physical passion of love without keeping oneself grounded in the knowledge that love is so much more than physical. Certainly, that is an expression of love, but if that’s all that carries the love, then there is no root or strength behind it. I was a bit disappointed that this fact seemed to be so easily disregarded in the book.

Overall, though, it was a generally entertaining read, once I got into the meat of the story. The growth in the male protagonist was believable and well-written, but the female protagonist seemed slightly stunted in that area, but just slightly. Ms. Wade’s writing style is engaging and the characters are bright and interesting.