Habit-Kicking, Day (4&5). . . oops, sorry!

I didn’t do so well yesterday. I had an all-morning commitment and it showed me that not only do I need to get rid of old bad habits, but establish some new good ones. Especially in light of my new schedule starting in a little over a week.

Something I really meant to mention — ok, more than mention; I meant to focus on it — in my last post is the phrase “ looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith”. This was from the Hebrews 12 verse. As we look to ridding ourselves of bad habits, it is important, even vital, that we recognize where the ability to do this comes from. Sure, some people are able to kick some bad habits under their own power. But the habit of sinning? No. Only through God can we be freed from our sin. And this side of heaven, we won’t be completely rid of that. We wait the consummation of the promise, the time that we will see clearly and live in His presence for eternity. Until then, we struggle and are upheld by His power and promises.

It is sometimes difficult to keep going, even for something we desire greatly. In the face of resistance and difficulty, how can we continue? How can we keep on trying when it seems that there is a roadblock at every turn? Everywhere we look, there’s something to discourage, to cause doubt or uncertainty.

We keep our eyes on Jesus. On His cross, the place where our salvation was won.

This is helpful in more than one way.

First, it gets the focus off of me. When my focus is on me, I get too caught up in my faults, or if not, I allow those faults to take over me (the laziness, the quick-to-frustratedness, etc).

Second, focusing on Christ is always better. When we focus on Him, we have our reason for all that we do. When we focus on Him, we see His great love displayed in His sacrifice on the cross. When we focus on Him, the roadblocks, discouragements, and uncertainty aren’t as visible or as large. They’re farther away.

So keep your eyes on Christ! It is He who gives us the ability to overcome anything. Even those bad habits which cling so closely.