Habit-Kicking, Day 6 . . . and onward . . .

Kicking bad habits isn’t something that you can do in a week. Unless you’re extremely strong-willed and determined.

I’m not.

I certainly wish I was. But God’s grace is sufficient, and I’ll get there eventually. If you’re like me, it’s going to be a long road, but certainly worth the struggle.

There are a few things I believe will help us along the way.

Please comment with more if you think of them; I’d love to hear your ideas!

First of all, be in the Word. This is extremely important. The book Unstuck: Your Life. God’s Design. Real Change by Arnie Cole and Michael Ross expounds upon the importance of Scripture in daily life, and even asserts that it is easier to stay away from sin when we are in the Word daily. Not to say that when we are feeding daily on God’s Word that we can reach a state of sinlessness. Look at it this way. When a child is in his parents’ presence, isn’t he less likely to get into trouble? When we are in the presence of God by His Word, we draw closer to Him and He gives us the tools to say “No!” to the devil’s schemes.

Secondly, get some support. Sharing a burden lightens the weight upon your shoulders. Certainly seek God’s strength in prayer, but also find a buddy. He or she can hold you accountable, encourage you, and you may even be of some help to him or her. I find that when I share a goal with my husband, I’m more likely to meet that goal. He encourages me, calls me out when I say that it’s too lofty a goal or too hard to keep at it, and if I need it, he even will take the kids to the store now and again to give me some time alone at home to work at it.

Thirdly, find what little extras work for you. I find music incredibly helpful. It’s a language that speaks to the soul. I can tell myself repeatedly to cheer up, but it takes a long time for my head to process the words and find a way to communicate it to my heart, especially if my heart is overflowing with emotion. If I listen to an upbeat song, however, before that less-than-five-minute-song is over, cheer has begun to penetrate the heavy cloud-cover around my heart. Maybe putting inspirational sayings or Bible verses around your house or workplace will give you the little extra boost you need to get there. Maybe keeping a journal about it. Maybe talk to a support person (ie friend! isn’t that what’s so great about friends?) daily. You’ll find something by trial and error. And please feel free to email me (sarahebaughman@gmail.com) if none of these work for you and you’d like to have a brainstorming session. Or comment here; your struggle may benefit someone else!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be talking about the Word. I’ll be throwing in other things, but I really need in my personal life to make this a focus, so it will also be a primary focus here. Thanks for reading!!