Losing the Little Things

I’ve always loved this ribbon.
Glad to find a great use for it!

I have a real problem. For a long time, while working on my writing, I would misplace my thumb drive. It’s so tiny, and so easy to leave . . . well, anywhere. But it holds all of my writing. If I lose it, I’m really stuck. (Note: Now I use Dropbox also to back up my work; I’m slowly learning to utilize some of the modern conveniences available.)

While it should have been obvious to me, I never thought to attach the thumb drive to something larger and more visible until just a couple of weeks ago.

Do you ever feel that the small things sometimes just seem to slip away? Even if they’re something that you once or even still hold dear?

Fed by His Word

Spending time with God in His Word is one of those things for me. I know how important it is, how vital to my life as a Christ-follower, as a wife, as a mom, as a Sunday School Teacher, as anything. But isn’t it easy to let it slip away? To be misplaced?

A huge help for me lately has been learning to attach that to something that I do every day: breakfast. Maybe that wouldn’t work for everyone, but I have found a great deal of help in reading the Word while I eat breakfast with my family. If I find a helpful gleaning for the kids, I can share it then. And I almost always eat breakfast. Making Bible-ingesting as big a part of my routine as food-ingesting has helped me be sure not to let it slip away.

There are other things I want to learn to keep: letter-writing, walking with my family, keeping the dishes washed. In time, I hope to reclaim all of those, and to attach them to ribbons of their own.

What are some of the little things that you would like to keep hold of?