Penelope’s Hope

I am unbelievably excited to share this with you all. My novel, Penelope’s Hope, is available!

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I love this cover so much! Light and hope-inspiring, yet a bit of darkness creeping in at the edges. I believe that if Penelope looked at it, she would say that it described her feelings through a great deal of the novel. Alex of Shaw Photography by Alex Shaw did a beautiful job with the photograph, and Brittany made a lovely Penelope. Melissa of Melissa Sue Photo and Design did a great job of formatting the cover and making all the little details that make this cover so lovely. I even was given a blurb for my cover by the very talented author Colleen Oakes!

Sometimes hope is a very difficult thing to hang onto. Bills pile up, news from the doctor is worse than we had expected, or a person very near and dear hurts us in a way that no one else could. Penelope has faced great sadness, and thinks she knows what she needs to be happy, to have hope for the future. Financial stability, good health, and good friends can only take us so far, though. When the bottom falls out from under our feet, how can we know that something will be there to catch us?

As Penelope’s story progresses, she sees more and more that her own efforts will only do so much. Even if she gains everything she’d hoped to have, she will find something lacking. True hope can only be found in One Person. Even unseen, this Hope is living and eternal, and will not fade in the face of hardship or suffering. It will carry us through anything.
Stay tuned for information on an exciting event I have planned to celebrate the launch of Penelope’s Hope – a book giveaway!

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