Violet: Hider of Hope

While Penelope is determined and bold, Violet is uncertain and shy. Ashbridge’s sister, she is experiencing her first Season during Penelope’s Hope. She dislikes crowds of people, becomes tongue-tied in the presence of most gentlemen, and has no talent for the polite yet artful conversation so essential to Society. She has no desire to make a brilliant match, as so many of the other debutantes do.

What is such a girl to do in the midst of her first Season?

Violet attempts to hide. Finishing her whitework dress is a credible excuse for staying home when the family goes to meet people at Hyde Park. Sewing a dress for the poor is a slightly less credible, yet still viable, excuse to sit out a few rounds of visits. In the course of living with her retiring personality, however, Violet has learned to find great peace and comfort in the Word of God. She is able to hold onto hope in the midst of meeting new people that may or may not approve of a girl who has no significant connections. She is able to hold onto hope even when her family does not understand that hope.

Where is your hope?

Do you keep it hidden along with the rest of you, and only reveal it when someone draws you out? May God give us courage and strength to share the reason for the hope we have, and faith to hold onto that hope always.