Help Me Choose!

I’ve not been posting very much lately. However, Violet is getting very near to completion! I’m extremely excited, but it also means that I have some work to do to prepare for the cover.

Because I’m self-publishing, I need to provide my own cover to upload to CreateSpace, or pay someone to do it. When I was preparing to publish Penelope, a writer friend and mentor (you can visit her site here; she’s a YA superstar!) strongly recommended that I choose a stock photo and purchase rights to it. I looked and looked, but never found one that I really loved. So, against my better judgement, I set about finding a photographer in the town where I live and sewing a dress for “Penelope” to wear. I figured that if it didn’t turn out, I’d take the loss and buy a stock photo.

But I had to try.

The photographer that I found (website here) had amazing emotion in the photos on her site, and she was so nice and accommodating when I finally gathered the courage to contact her. She even found a friend of hers to fill in when my “Penelope” had to back out of the shoot.

As all of this was coming together, I started looking for a graphic designer to handle font-purchasing, layout, and so on. A good friend of mine suggested another friend of hers who had just graduated with a degree in Visual Communications Technology (website here). She was located closer to where I grew up, but with the wonders of the modern world, we were able to communicate via email. While her current occupation runs more along the photographic lines, her training, which included graphic design, helped her design my cover with the photograph already taken.

Now – back to Violet. I’m working on designing the dress she will wear for the cover-photo. Those who read Penelope’s Hope know that Violet is not a flashy dresser and that she loves to be outdoors. I have a lovely green for a pelisse for her (a full-length coat) and plans to make a white underdress. I would love to hear your opinions on the trim for the pelisse, though. Below are some options. Comment and let me know what you think!

Embroidered ribbon with a ruffle. I love the color this adds.
The Ruffle could be double-wide….
…or single.
I love the richness this slightly-darker ribbon adds.
And this one feels very Violet: subtle and not at all ostentatious.


5 thoughts on “Help Me Choose!

  1. I also prefer the darker ribbon. The thickness of it also helps it to standout. It might help if you displayed a picture including the green fabric you chose for the pelisse.


  2. I like the darker ribbon; it is subtle but also reminiscent of the outdoors. The last one is too monochromatic and the top one, tho I love it, too fru-fru-ee for a plain dresser.


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