For your viewing pleasure…

Hello Readers!

I’ve been quiet for a little while, and I’m so sorry! But today I have exciting news…the cover for Violet’s Daybreak is here! We had some fun with some different items that sort of show who Violet is. The basket? She finds fulfillment in sharing with others.

The bonnet may seem a little extravagant for our shy little Violet, but remember that during this time period, many bonnets had much more elaborate trim. Two simple ostrich feathers and some ribbon make for a rather modest bonnet.

This house is on the SFA Native Plant Center grounds, and they graciously agreed to allow us to take the photos there. Amny, who modeled Violet, has spent a good deal of time there, as she’s finishing up her BA in horticulture. In my mind, this is the house where Violet grew up.

 I really can’t say enough how pleased I am with this beautiful cover. (A huge thank you to Alex Shaw, Melissa Sue, and Amny!)