[Updated] Regency Selfie!

Had to change the date…more to come on that later! 🙂

I’ve had so much fun making dresses for both the cover of Penelope’s Hope and again for Violet’s Daybreak. The first Regency-period dress I made…

…did not turn out quite as well as I’d hoped, even though “Violet” looked lovely. But you can see how the neckline looks awkward (it was pinned because it didn’t fit quite right). After the incredibly fun shoot with an amateur photographer friend, I decided that the dress’ paleness didn’t quite fit the look I wanted, that I needed to work on how to get a better fit, and I wanted to make sure that if I was going to DIY my cover, I DIY-ed it right.

Fast-forward a couple years, and Penelope was getting ready to make her debut. I made some adjustments to the style of dress, chose different hues, and contacted a local photographer (who is amazing, by the way. Visit her website and see her story and her work.) Also found a graphic designer (who is also amazing – she does photography primarily, but has a natural eye for the graphic design aspect. Check out her website, too!)

I really enjoyed making the dresses, partly because it’s another creative outlet for me, and partly because styling a photo set in a different era is so fun!

I want you, my lovely readers, to share in this fun. Style a #RegencySelfie of yourself and post it in Violet’s Launch Party Page! For inspiration, hop over to my #RegencySelfies Board on Pinterest I’ll also be posting about some cheats for Regency styling in the coming weeks until the release date of Violet’s Daybreak.

That’s right, folks; we’re having a #RegencySelfie contest! The prize: A signed copy of either Penelope’s Hope or Violet’s Daybreak!

The contest will be judged by my good friend Heidi Goehmann, of I Love My Shepherd. Here’s her #RegencySelfie:

She will choose two winners to receive an autographed copy of one of my books: Penelope’s Hope or Violet’s Daybreak (winners’ choice!). Her judging will be based on creativity, innovation, and ingenuity. Your costumes don’t have to be perfectly accurate; I want you to share in the fun of creating a Regency Era image, not in the headaches of worrying about fit and accuracy and all that!

The winners will be announced on October 1st, 2016.

Happy costuming!!!


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