#RegencySelfie: the Clothes

Hello! So excited about this contest. Remember, post your photos here.

OK, let’s jump right in!

We’ll start with what you’ll need.

Shirt with an empire waist,
fabric, hat, and ribbon. πŸ™‚
Setting the scene: strolling through an orchard,
much like Violet and Lord Reymes will
just after their engagement!



If you’re only photographing the top half of you, no one has to know you’re wearing jeans (or shorts!) and not a full-length dress!

Given a good setting, this shirt cheat can take you far! Pair it with a quick up-do (see the first of the #RegencySelfie posts) — for an instant Regency snapshot.

Dress, scarf, and ribbon.Different scarf option. πŸ˜‰
Dress, scarf, and ribbon.


Sleeveless during that time was a no-no, unless it was an under-dress, but it would always have an over-dress (or spencer or something) to cover at least the top of the arms.

The first of these two options will show how to make a ballgown-type look, or simply an evening look. The second is more of a staying-home-with-tea-and-good-friends (or the kiddos, as you’ll see in the progression of photos).

Short sleeves were worn only in the evenings, like to a ball.
This is also the time that a woman wouldn’t need a tucker or fichu,
the fabric worn around the neck and tucked into the neckline.
A real Regency ballgown would have the sleeves, like in this pic,
but also the neckline would be wide and uncovered.
(I chose modesty over accuracy in this pic.)
Enjoying a cup. You can see there’s no tea in it. ;-P
And pardon the blinds in the background.
I did not do so well with the setting for this one,
but you can get the idea.
And my little guy wanted in on the action.
Β img_1390img_1391
Repeatedly. So much interest from him!
Β #RegencySelfie: Menswear Cheats
So much interest, in fact, that I ended up raiding his closet and dressing him up. So you can look forward to a bonus post on how to dress the menfolk in your life! Coming soon!

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  1. I can not believe all the things a scarf can do and look like historic clothing! I secretly want to wear all these outfits in my regular life. πŸ™‚


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