The Story People by Heather Kaufman

Confession time: When I’m reading a book, I usually am thinking about what different phrases I’d have used, or perhaps a different plot twist I’d have put in. It’s an annoying and aggravating byproduct of the writing I do. When I come across a book, then, that there’s either nothing I’d change, or that sweeps me so into the story that I’m reading as a reader, and not as a writer, it is a rare treat.

cph_36704634979Heather Kaufman‘s debut book, The Story People, is one such book. It is full of fascinating characters whose voices you can hear in your mind. In fact, if I was walking down the street and passed Mrs. Gardner, I’d know her right away! The story sweeps you away to a land between reality and the imagination, perfectly mingling her superb storytelling skills with a strong message of encouragement for Christian life. I would recommend this book for anyone.

I’m a big fan of personal growth – in real life and in fiction. The growth of a character, the the opening and stretching and reaching that must take place… I love seeing it in a book. The Story People had it in spades, and it was beautifully done. I cried at several parts at the moving description of God’s work in the people’s lives, at the realizations different characters had that their thinking needed an adjustment.

For more great info on the book, visit the book’s landing page…it’s great!

And now, here’s a brief interview for your reading pleasure!

Sarah: Would you tell us a little about yourself?

heather-kaufman-head-shot_copyHeather: I grew up in a large book-loving family. I’m the oldest of six and was homeschooled, so our house was always filled with books! I started writing poetry at age six and stories by thirteen, completing my first novel, Shield of Love, in high school. The Story People was originally titled For the Love of Books, and I penned the first scribbles over eight years ago! Now, it’s undergone a lot of change since then (thankfully!), but reading and writing have always been and continue to be a huge part of my life.

My husband and I have been married six years (how has it been that long?!), and we have a two-year-old son who keeps us busy. So lately I’ve been reading a lot of Maisy Mouse and Thomas the Tank Engine books, but I love it!

Sarah: What inspired The Story People?

Heather: I like to say that writers are some of the most curious and observant people out there. We love to watch and speculate about people, which is how this book came to be. I visited a quaint bookstore in historic New Harmony, Indiana years ago, and there was a man who was running it who looked out of place. He seemed like he belonged on some foreign beach rather than in a small Midwestern bookstore, so it made me wonder about his story. How did he get there? Does he feel out of place and why? The questions just poured from there, and I answered them by creating Benjamin Palermo. I think a lot of books are born this way—as answers to questions.

Sarah: What holiday (or season) is your favorite, and why?

Heather: I love the transition seasons—Spring and Fall. I enjoy the more moderate weather, the urge to just be outside, and the anticipation these seasons inevitably bring. We look ahead to summer vacations or to Christmas, and that sense of waiting makes these seasons especially delicious to me. If pressed to choose, I’d have to say Fall is probably my favorite of the two, if only because I love sporting my boots, cardigans, and scarves and enjoy eating (and drinking!) all things pumpkin!

Thanks so much, Heather, for giving us a bit of your time and sharing about your lovely book with us!