Make Ready with something warm to wear


Something warm to wear as we make ready! #Advent2016 #graftedheart #ilovemyshepherd

Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Isaiah 40:1

The transition from warm to cold to frigid is upon many of us about this time of year. Have you ever been chilled on a winter day, only to have a friend or family member take off their scarf and give it to you? You can feel the warmth, almost before the garment touches your neck. God’s love does the same for our hearts. When He is there, living and active in us, and the thaw sets in — it’s noticeable, for us and for those around us. It’s lovely. It’s different. It was made ready for you and for me. It’s a blanket of grace for a hurting world. Who can you share a tangible touch of warmth with today?