Gearing Up?

As I sit here and begin this blog post, most of the Thanksgiving dishes are washed and put away, with the exception of a few of the pans (yes, I’m one of those that save some dishes for the next day–a habit I’m working on changing). All of the fall decor is, if not put away, packed up in its boxes and the Christmas boxes are waiting in our entry hallway to be unpacked and scattered around the house. My husband is taking his mom out to do a little shopping after the initial shopping rush has eased a bit.

And I’m sitting and writing. Because I’m not quite ready for the business of the pre-Christmas season.


Do you feel that way sometimes? There have been years that I didn’t even feel like putting up the tree. The pressures and strains of shopping, decorating…the commercial side of this most beautiful and peaceful of Holy Days can encroach on the joy of the season, even of the day.

So I’m taking time to collect myself, to take a breath, and to remember Who it is we are preparing to celebrate. The tree will go up, the lights and the stockings be hung, the cookies baked, and the various trinkets and happy clutter will be placed about the house. Probably more quickly and more haphazardly than I’d prefer, with four little helpers, all of whom seem so much less little than even a year ago.


This year, I Love My Shepherd Ministries and GraftedHeart are teaming up again to provide you with a few moments of rest in the One whom we celebrate. We’ll be looking at the different names used for the Christ throughout Scripture, and taking time each day to reflect on who He is, and what that reveals about His character and His love for us.




The season of Advent doesn’t start on December 1, but we decided to start our devotions then because who can’t do with a little more Jesus? There is a printable file of the devotions, or you can sign up to follow either of our blogs to receive the devotions each day in your email inbox. We also have printable graphics, which can be used in a variety of ways to serve as reminders or places of contemplation for your Advent devotions. Finally, we also have an extended reading plan that you can download and print. Use it to simply read, to journal, or however best suits you.


Advent is a time to prepare for the coming of our Savior – the remembrance of His first coming at His birth, the celebration of His continual coming to us in His Word and means of grace, and eager anticipation of His second coming at the end of time.

Come, Lord Jesus!



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