Moving Forward


It’s been a while. Not as long as other hiatuses that I’ve taken on this blog, but still…longer than I’d wanted or planned.

I’m sorry for not finishing the Lenten series, I had some other deadlines that fell in the same time-frame, and I couldn’t keep up. Ever feel like you’re drowning in your favorite beverage? That’s where I was this past month. I love to write — and in a way, I need to write — but I had too much going on. So I met my other deadlines and this one lapsed. I needed to step back, evaluate and reevaluate, and am now ready to move forward again.

Isn’t so much of life like that? Pause. Breathe. Take stock. Move forward.

New, exciting things are on the horizon, and approaching at what seems a break-neck speed. Because of this, my plan for The Gift of Repentance series has changed. I plan on coming back to it next Lent, finishing it, and then having a PDF available after that on a “resources” page.

Now on to the new.

I’ve recently made the decision to pull my two self-published novels for editing. I had them edited, but since putting them out, I’ve grown a lot as a writer and want them to reflect my best writing. I know of enough places that I’d change that I’m not happy with them as I was when I first published them.

Now, those of you who grew to care for and love Penelope, Violet, and everyone else: don’t worry too much. I don’t plan on changing anything intrinsic to the characters or plot. But I believe I can execute it better now than I could two or three years ago. The plan is to edit over the next year, re-work the covers with my designer, and re-release in about two years, in six-month increments. Book Three will be released on the tail of those two.

And now…the big news. Much of my growth as a writer has come as a result of an amazing opportunity I’ve had to write a novel that will be published in June by Concordia Publishing House. For those of you not familiar with CPH, they’re a small but long-standing publisher that typically does more with Bible studies, school and Sunday school curriculum, and church resources. But they’ve been expanding their fiction, and were willing to take a risk on an idea I had for a novel set in Reformation-era Wittenberg, Germany. Over the past year, the amazing team at CPH has been working with me to get my novel ready for publication. And when I say “working with me” I mean that I wrote it, but the excellent editors and doctrinal (and historic) reviewer helped tighten up the manuscript, and I’ve just given a few thoughts as to the cover. They’ve done the rest.

Flame in the Dark

Here’s the cover. Isn’t it gorgeous? Warm and inviting and so much a reflection of the feeling I want the story to convey that I may have cried a little when I saw this final version. The novel is available for preorder on Amazon now, and will be soon on CPH’s website (I’ll post when that happens–right now, the product page isn’t quite ready).

The story follows Heinrich, a student of Dr. Martin Luther’s at the University of Wittenberg, in the wake of Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses. This bold action changed the course of history, leaving its impact felt in so many ways. But the reality is that there would also have been repercussions in the lives of regular people at the time. Wherever the Word of God is taught, He is active and moving. His Word impacted people history as personally as it does us now.

I’ll be sharing more about the novel in the weeks to come, leading up to its release on June 12. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below on what you’d be sad to see go from the Regency novels (Penelope’s Hope and Violet’s Daybreak), or what you’re hoping to see in A Flame in the Dark or in Book Three of the Regency Silhouettes series!