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As I considered the idea of creativity and what it means to have been created by a creative God, I began to realize that making things, that working to produce things, is probably tied up more in who we are as humans than we realize. As I mentioned in the post last week introducing the study, we’ve lost a lot…most?…of the making that for year, humans had to do for their survival.

If wheat wasn’t planted, cultivated, harvested, separated from the chaff, ground, mixed with other ingredients, and cooked…there was no bread. If the sheep weren’t sheered, the wool cleaned and spun, then woven and made into a garment…there was nothing to wear. I’m sure you get the picture, so I won’t go on.

It suffices to say that our generation has seen a rapid increase in conveniences that might make life easier, but perhaps doesn’t make it fuller.

I believe that in losing the labor of making things, we’ve lost a large portion of how we were wired to be. Before we can explore this further, though, let’s turn our eyes to God. It’s where they should be pretty regularly, anyway, and we can learn a great deal about our creativity by observing His. We were made in His image, after all. In a moment, we’ll be reading of the first display of creativity; it bursts forth gloriously in unimaginable splendor.

As we read, let’s pay special attention to the Three Ps (the process, the product, and the purpose) in God’s creativity. Each day, He is building on what He did in previous days. I’d say “from the ground up”, but He began without ground. He began with a void and spoke things into existence.


When we want to make something, we must first gather our supplies. Want to make a meal? Get out the ingredients, the cookware, and turn on the stove or oven. Want to paint a picture? Find a surface to paint, set up your colors, and choose your brushes. Want to sew a dress? Choose a pattern (or, if you’re really talented, draft one!), choose fabric, get your needle and thread or sewing machine ready, and scissors. We’ll stop there, but the gist is that when we want to make something, we have to prepare, we have to start with something already there.

God, when He created the earth, started with Himself. His Words. His creativity. And He spoke all things into existence from nothing. Incredible. Amazing. Incomprehensible. Now read Genesis 1. The whole chapter. After, let it sit in your brain, in your heart, for a moment. It’s worth sitting with, silently, isn’t it? He is the Creator of creativity. And He provides all we need to get creative with His creation.


Look back through the passage and take a look at what is being made. Each day has something (and sometimes “somethings”!) happening. What is produced each day?

Here’s a fun place to explore for those of us that consider ourselves to be “creative” types. What colors do you see as you imagine Creation unfolding from the Word of the Creator? What shapes and textures might you feel? When we read about it, sometimes the whole thing can feel very flat and text-book-ish. To help understand, creatively, what’s happening, think about what each of your senses would take in.

sight — colors and light and movement of a burgeoning creation…

hearing — the rush of waters being separated and newly-formed animals testing out their new vocal chords…

smell — freshly-turned earth and sprouting plants and animals…

touch — warmth from the new-burning sun and soft grasses and leaves and rough bark on trees and fluffy hair or scaly skin or hard shells…

taste — fresh fruits and tangy salt air of the seas and green plants and earthy flavors of nuts and seeds…

There is such a huge variety in all that He made, and He calls it good! The things of creation have inspired so much creativity in people, from landscape paintings to scarves in colors of the sea to foods prepared to gardens planted.

What creative endeavors do you know of or have you made yourself that you can see the influence of Creation?


Something worth noting is the purposefulness of God’s creative activity. Creation isn’t the end-point, but serves a purpose beyond itself. From nothing at all to a world teeming with life, what does God do last in His Creation? (see Genesis 1:26-278 for a hint!)

When God creates man, in His image and to have dominion over the earth, He not only forms him and gives him life, but breathes His breath in to him (Genesis 2:7) and blesses him.

Creation was made for man, for humanity, for each of us. Now, of course, we have responsibility to care for it, but it was made for our enjoyment and sustenance. It wasn’t made “just because” or without purpose.

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When we get to talking about our own creativity later this week, we’ll look again at these Three Ps, so tuck them into the back of your mind. Tomorrow, though, we’ll be exploring how our creativity is connected in a vital way to God’s creativity. And for those of you who don’t consider yourselves “creative types”, don’t worry; we’ll be exploring some of the different ways that creativity can manifest itself. Chances are, you just haven’t discovered yours yet!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on how our own creativity reflects God’s. What projects are your working on that show you bits of Creation? What projects has a friend made that really showcases some part of Creation?


2 thoughts on “Three Ps of Creation

  1. I do hand lettering so I realize that my Creator made me able to have the fine motor skills needed for finely detailed work I do. I also hand sew and quilt and these need a designer’s thought process, given by my Creator and replicating, imperfectly, His design process of our world and us. It also relies on fine motor skills. I’m truly grateful to have stopped to think about these things!


    1. I so admire people who hand-letter! Not one of my talents. 😉

      It’s pretty amazing, when we pause to consider, all the wonderful things God enables us to do! Thanks for sharing!


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