Closely Knit

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One of the passages that comes to mind when I think of knitting is from Psalm 139. “You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” Translations vary in how that is expressed, ranging from knit or weave to carried or covered to even protected. But the idea of knitting also conveys the primary idea, which is that we were all created in the wombs of our mothers.

In that trail of thought: Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day! To adoptive and biological mothers, practical and spiritual mothers, and women through whom God’s care and love flows to those around them: Happy Mother’s Day!

Let’s dig in to Psalm 139:13-16.

Verse 13 speaks of the intimate manner in which God makes us: “For you formed my inward parts and you knitted me together in my mother’s womb”. When a person is knitting something, they put it together stitch by stitch. Knitting has so much variability, all of which contributes to the finished product. Needle size, yarn tension, and number of strands all can result in variants in the item. Each part is made carefully and follows a specific pattern, with each piece unique in its creation.

The care and intentionality in God’s creation of us far exceeds this, as verse 14 points out. Phrasing like “fearfully and wonderfully made” lead us to consider the intricacies and mysteries of the creation of life. Our scientific learning in the latter part of history still has not revealed all there is to know about life, and in some ways has created more questions than it has answered. For all our learning and discovery, we have but a drop to the ocean of God’s wisdom and knowledge.

And verse 15 give an example of the depth of God’s knowledge. Even when a baby is developing within the protective womb of his or her mother, God can see each milestone, each part developing, each cell as it reproduces. Further, verse 16 expands God’s in-depth knowledge of us from cellular-specific to the entirety of our lives. We are truly known by the One who made not only us, but the stars and planets, the hidden creatures living at the depths of the ocean, the mighty and powerful beasts as well as the too-small-for-our-eyes creatures whose existence was hidden to us until recently.

Let’s explore now, a step further into the idea of God’s hand in our creation: that of His hand in our re-creation.

We know from Psalm 51:5 that we were conceived and born in sin. From the earliest moment of our existence, we were both known by God and steeped in sin. It has been a constant from the beginning.

Read John 3:1-8. When we are born anew in the waters of Baptism, God is equally involved as He was at our first creation. His Word spoke to our hearts, dead in sin. His Spirit made us alive again through that same Word and the water. His Son’s blood covers us and cleanses us.

For another facet of the beautiful truth of God’s grace poured out in Baptism, turn or click over to Titus 3:4-7. Paul writes in this letter of Baptism being a “washing of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit”. As we live in this new life, the grace of God flows in and through our lives, abundantly spilling out to touch those around us.

Here is the tutorial from Elisabeth. She’s a great knitter, and I’m excited to share her lovely tutorial with you! And please go check out her Etsy shop, The Caffeinated Sheep.

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