Regency Silhouettes


An Elusive Hope . . .


Life has given Penelope Drayton very little hope. After years of preparations, 1806 is the year that she is determined to create her own hope. The successful execution of her plan would grant her independence, but failure would certainly be her ruination. Just when her plan begins to meet with difficulty, she finds a faithful ally in Miss Violet Wyndham.

Violet’s brother, Mr. Ashbridge Wyndham, has but one objective for London’s Social Season: escape unscathed. With his mysterious benefactor, he is suddenly a sought-after prize for the matchmaking mamas. Unfortunately for him, marriage is the last thing he wants at present. His sister Violet, with her shy but calming spirit, is the only part of the Season which he finds tolerable.

When Penelope and Ash meet through their mutual affection for Violet, will God use the acquaintance to begin healing for both of these wounded hearts?

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An Unexpected Light . . .

Lord Nathaniel Reymes is driven by honor and duty. When his brother’s unwelcome advances compromise Miss Violet Wyndham, Nathaniel feels he cannot allow her to suffer from a tarnished reputation and so he marries her.

All her life, Violet has believed she is lacking. She is not as bold as her sister, as ambitious as her mother, or as adventurous as her cousin. She lives in the shadows of fear and uncertainty. Suddenly swept into marriage with a stranger, Violet must learn to establish herself as Lady Reymes, Countess of Bainscroft.
Will her faith in the Lord give her the courage to step out of the shadows?