Weaving together a story within the context of history, while demonstrating the love and care God has for His people is at the heart of what I do as a writer. While I love doing this, I’ve also discovered in the past few years that I also enjoy helping other writers be the best that they can be! Whether it’s simply checking that there are no misplaced commas or misspelled words, checking for flow and readability, or analyzing the entire document for sensible structure and problem areas, I find so much fulfillment in helping writers polish their projects.


While sometimes it can be nerve-wracking to have someone else look at your work for the purpose of critique, it is an invaluable asset to any writer’s project. Whether it’s a blog post, a short devotional book, an in-depth Bible study, or a full-length book, it can benefit from a second pair of eyes. This is where I would love to be of service to you!

  • Proofreading: This is a basic check to help avoid those simple mistakes that tear at your credibility as a writer. I will check for issues in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Copy Editing: With this service, I will be checking for style, flow, and readability throughout your project. Whether you know that something’s just not jiving, or you think it might be good to have another pair of eyes asses certain areas, this is a great way to ensure your project represents your writing at its best.
  • Comprehensive Editing: This is for when you need a comprehensive look at your work, which will include both proofreading and copy editing. I will be offering commentary on story arcs and themes, as well as character development and setting.
  • Book Interior Formatting: Preparing your book for self-publishing? I can help with that!

The charges are per page for the editing work, and then per hour for time spent in collaboration with the author. Below you will find a list of fees.

Proofreading – $2 per double-spaced page (average 250 words)

Copy editing – $3 per double-spaced page (average 250 words)

Comprehensive editing – $4 per double-spaced page (average 250 words)

Consultation time – if you wish to discuss my editorial comments, will be on an hourly basis at $20 per hour.


If you would like to engage my formatting services, here is a breakdown of the prices.

$100 for under 50,000 words

$200 for 50,000-100,000 words

$300 for higher than 100,000 words


If you would like to “test-run” my editing to see if my style is something you can work with, feel free to request a sample. I will edit the first three pages of your manuscript for free. For this, or any other questions, please contact me.


Heidi, from I Love My Shepherd Ministries, says: “I appreciate Sarah’s eye for details as she edits my work. She values my voice as an author, but offers critique and suggestions that will make the work more fluid for the reader. I can rest knowing my readers won’t be trumped up by typos and awkward sentence structure, and can’t just enjoy the message of my books and articles. Sarah has a gentle way as an editor, pointing out improvements without breaking my spirit. I highly recommend her!”